A video created by Search Engine Land (What Is Search Engine Optimization / SEO, 2011) nicely breaks down the term Search Engine Optimization and the algorithms that take place. The video explains Google/Bing in terms of a library, with the librarian taking constant requests for books on specific topics, therefore a system which knows the contents of every book is required as to pick out books which had the exact information that is being sought after. The system needs to be able to pick out words that relate to topics that are being requested, also other books that relate to the subject in aim of presenting the closest match (What Is Search Engine Optimization / SEO, 2011). This system is known as Google/Bing etc. these search engines are able to scan through all of the websites on the internet (well most, rules of the deep web etc.) and brings up website pages which include the words and terms being searched for, this also searches the code of the websites looking for the titles of different pages as to bring up exact matches. With fierce competition between different companies optimizing their websites is crucial to be at the top of the list. The video (What Is Search Engine Optimization / SEO, 2011) puts forward that for optimal search stature the choice of words, titles, links all matter, along with the use of words within the links and the general reputation of the company i.e. Apple, Microsoft etc. do not need to worry as much about fighting for the top spot of the results to already being a globally established brand, you just know who they are and what they do (much the same as Pokémon discussed previously).


Yet for smaller or new companies/freelancers this is not the case therefore optimizing their website is key. When attempting to improve the SEO of a website there are four algorithms employed to take note of.


Panda – This algorithm employed by google searches for keywords on your website that link to what has been searched for, the more keywords that match, the more likely a website is to be at the top of the list. Although due to updates in the algorithm and people using too many keywords knowing this will bring the website to the top, the new update for Panda will not bring up your website if it’s over stuffed with keywords.

Penguin – This algorithm picks up websites that have links to other relevant websites, also the websites have to be legit websites otherwise your website won’t be picked up.

Pigeon – This algorithm searches for websites around your location and brings those to the top of the list.

Hummingbird – This algorithm searches the content on websites to make sure it is relevant to the search terms, relating back to the idea that content is king. (Cooper, 2016)


If all of these algorithms are taken note of and how to work with them a website can be fully optimized for online searches.


Cooper, S. (2016). Using SEO.

What is Search Engine Optimization. (2011). Youtube: Search Engine Land.


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